Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 9.28.45 AMWith the drive to providing more digital curriculum, adoption of 1:1 programs, educational institutions and communities are struggling with providing affordable Broadband Internet to their most needed students or citizens.  Red Rover’s experts working with the education institution or community can provide a local broadband LTE network without expensive monthly subscriptions.

We can provide Communities, School Districts, Universities or Offices of Education the option in providing their own Private LTE network offering internet service over a wide area network.  The deployment can a complete turn-key solution, a managed service or combination.  We work with the client to define a solution that meets their needs and can be deployed in cost effective phases.

Where once LTE was deemed complex and expensive, the technology has evolved to where school districts can deploy their own LTE network much like provide WiFi on campus.  Contact our experts to discuss your specific needs.